January 30, 2008

  • beauty for ashes
    a garment of praise for my heaviness
    beauty for ashes
    take this heart of stone and make it Yours, Yours

    i delight myself in the Richest of Fair
    trading all that i’ve had for all that is better
    a garment of praise for my heaviness
    You are the greatest taste
    You’re the richest of fair

    (Psalm 63, Isaiah 61)

November 4, 2006

  • O God, fill my soul with so entire a love of Thee that I may love nothing but for Thy sake and in subordination to Thy love. Give me grace to study Thy knowledge daily that the more I know Thee, the more I love Thee. Create in me a zealous obedience to all Thy commands, a cheerful patience under all Thy chastisements, and a thankful resignation to all Thy disposals. Let it be the one buisness of my life to glorify Thee by every word of my tongue, by every work of my hand, by professing Thy truth, and by engaging all men, so far as in me lies, to glorify and love Thee.

    -John Wesley’s (and my) prayer


    tell me your thoughts: is it possible to lose every ounce of passion for something you once dearly loved and then to have that passion revived? or is it just called nostalgia? i feel like im stepping back into my past but with a renewed sense of excitement… i never thought id want this again. yikes…

October 8, 2006

  • such a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics… it brings me such a deep sense of peace. Thank you Jesus.


    Oceans Will Part by Hillsong: Mighty to Save

    If my heart has grown cold, there your love will unfold

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand.

    When I’m blind to my way, there your spirit will pray

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand…

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand.


    Oceans will part, nations come at the whisper of your call.

    Hope will rise, glory shown, in my life your will be done.


    Present suffering may pass, Lord your mercy will last

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand.

    And my heart will find praise, I’ll delight in your way

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand…

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand…

    as you open my eyes to the work of your hand…

    Jesus open my eyes to the work of your hand.

April 15, 2006

  • It’s Your blood that cleanses me

    It’s Your blood that gives me life

    It’s Your blood that took my place

    in redeeming sacrifice

    Washes me

    whiter than the snow

    than the snow…

    My Jesus,

    God’s precious sacrifice.

    Thank you Jesus for your undeserving death on the cross… Because of you, I am now free from the bondages of sin. I am so unworthy yet you still love me. I can neither understand nor fathom the depths of your mercy and grace but I thank you. I love you Jesus!

    Lord, you make all things new…

March 12, 2006

  • Ahh finals… good luck everyone!




    In the midst of confusion

    Amongst the darkness

    With no apparent hope at the end of the tunnel…

    You’re still holding on


    When clouds overshadow my path

    And stars give up their twinkle

    Why is it that…

    You’re still holding on


    I lay deep in sorrow and pity

    As not one provides leeway for me to breathe

    It seems impossible to believe

    You’re still holding on


    And it is only when I surrender all

    (My self, my hope, my pride)

    To the beautiful and sovereign lover of souls,

    That I see the reason why…

    You’re still holding on


    Locked Out


    Releases resentment to point and judge

    Builds pride to rebuke and encourage

    Looking out from within makes anyone a sage,

    Not even a horse’s bit can prevent words’ spillage


    When you’re too deep inside

    A ship’s steer can’t pull language aside

    To subconsciously slip a few colorless lies

    “It’s okay…as long as it helps, not harms.”


    We wonder about Bildad the Shuhite,

    The transgressions of Zophar marked great

    Eliphaz, the anger you’ve caused

    Seems irrevocable to this day


    But who is it that fathoms

    The immensity of these sins

    Or why the condemnation

    Has passed all of our comprehension


    It is he who stands alone outside

    Hearing all he too once said

    Now he fully understands

    Why they say it’s easier said than done.






    But blinding.



    But horrible.


    Thinking of releasing…

    But still holding on.



    But not listening.



    But not yet notorious.